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The Need for Global Kongu Foundation

Factors like globalization, the growth of Information Technology and rapid development have made a huge irreversible impact on the simple living of our people – who were mainly dependent on land, agriculture and bound by love and affection. As a result of the phased destruction of our core agriculture profession in the past five decades, the members of our community, who were known for their honesty and hard work, had to shift their focus to academics and industries, and had to migrate to all over the world. They have all made a name for themselves in their chosen fields with their hard work and dedication. Most people residing in the Kongu region are more interested in their economic development and are unable to find time to focus on their families and relatives. To make things worse, political parties and vested interests are adding momentum by propagating socially destructive ideologies like boycotting caste identities, inter-caste marriages, atheism, and discarding the sacred Thaali. Destruction of the social, cultural and moral fabric of the society is the sole interest of these ‘reformers.’ They continue to work along these lines with the hidden agenda of destroying our unity, bondage and cultural identity.

This systematic campaign and our own people’s migration to far-off destination in search of livelihood have gradually eroded the bondage and affinity that once existed in our community. Cultural destruction – which was the most popular and effective weapon of choice for the Mughals, the European conquerors and the mighty nations that fought the World War II, when it comes to dividing and ruling a community – is now being used by the politicians. Our culture and values were formulated by our forefathers to ensure our well-being and betterment. Its destruction is our destruction.

Hence to strengthen and consolidate the bonds in our families, it is our foremost duty to revive and adhere to the customs and traditions that were given to us by our ancestors. One of the major factors that led the widening of the gap/distance between us i.e., the Information Technology – should now aid in bringing us back together, irrespective of where we are. Physically we might be continents apart, but our hearts and souls must remain connected with each other through the “Global Kongu Foundation Web Portal”.

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